Book News: The Reviews Are Coming In!

Book News: The Reviews Are Coming In!I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has contributed to sharing my latest book, Diabetes: The Real Cause & The Right CureIt has already begun to help people feel confident that they can regain control of their eating habits. Simply by taking the time to learn and implement the 8 steps I provide, they are reversing their Type 2 diabetes.

How can anyone else tell you what to eat on a daily basis if you yourself can’t know which nutrients or how much of each your body needs when you start eating? Your own brain is the only location with the precise information of your body’s needs. My book will help you make better choices and take ownership of your health!

The reviews are coming in & here is what people are saying:

The book is a no-brainer must-read for any Type 2 diabetic who truly wants to change, and who is open to consider a new scientific equation for understanding their diabetes along with different approaches to not just control it, but eliminate it from one’s life. All that’s required is a willingness to change lifestyle choices. – Diane Donovan, Midwest Book Review

A provocative and illuminating hypothesis boldly challenging long-held beliefs on Type 2 diabetes and its current methods of control, in favor of what Poothullil finds to be a more logical scientific explanation for high blood sugar and the key step to reversing diabetes—avoiding grains. –Kirkus Review

Dr. Poothullil has opened my eyes to the true culprit of my type 2 diabetes. I have already begun to implement his solutions in my daily diet. Thank you for all of your efforts in bringing this disease into the light. I always thought I would be stuck with this “disease” for the rest of my life, Dr. Poothullil has given me fresh hope in changing that outlook. – David, Amazon Customer

I have read many books on Type II Diabetes, which I have, but none have both persistently pointed to the cause–grains, sugar, too much of all of it–while gently showing how to change it. I stress eat and I love pasta, bread, toast, bagels, rice, especially at night. Somehow, Dr. Poothullil’s clear but also kind direction about why and how we get diabetes really helped me recommit to changing what I am eating. I also like the simplicity of it–avoid these foods (unfortunately, the ones you want), and eat other foods. Eat these new foods slowly and enjoy them. Enjoy being alive and watch your blood sugar numbers drop. Here goes…. – Molly, Amazon Customer

This is an excellent book, intelligently written with a lot of new scientific knowledge included. I am looking forward to reversing diabetes by using these techniques. Dr. Poothullil is very credible and gives a lot of great advice. I’m impressed and highly recommend this book. — Sunshine, Amazon Customer

Diabetes is a deadly disease with serious consequences to our overall well being. Do not believe the medical profession that says it is incurable and progressive. I believe if one puts into practice what John has outlined in this book, one can see enormously beneficial results in a short amount of time. You owe it to yourself to give it a try that doesn’t cost you anything. —JR, Amazon Customer

I hope these have inspired you to try out the 8 steps I present in my book to reverse your diabetes. I wish you luck as making changes has its challenges, but I know you can do it.

Dr John on DiabetesDiabetes: The Real Cause & The Right Cure. 
8 Steps to Reverse Your Diabetes in 8 Weeks!!

I am proud to share this informative yet easy to use book that will help you or a loved one reverse their Type 2 Diabetes in 8 weeks. My plan will also help you to remain diabetes free as you will take this on as a lifestyle.  Make better choices and take ownership of your health today!


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I thank you in advance for helping me spread word of this vital new information. Please leave a review on Amazon if you could be so kind.  – Dr. John



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